Dendy Jonas

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Hello All. Thanks for having me..

My Name is Dendy Jonas, my current activites at Raharja as lecturer for Jaringan Komputer Class. I got my Bachelor Degree from Bina Nusantara, and I am waiting for my Master Degree graduation day from Budi Luhur. I take CCNA International exam at 2004, for my basic knowledge about networking.

My other activities, as the managing director at Lamjaya my own business as System Integrator for CCTV system and Networking Infrastructure.

Check this out, my video presentations for SKUP ICM2

Final Video Presentasi iCM

2Presentations SlidesFinishTBA
3Special ContributionFinishTBA
4SKUP Video PresentationsFinishTBA
5My CermeFinishTBA

Learning is a never ending process, There is always the first time for everybody to know about something. So as the late Steve Jobs has said..”Stay Foolish and Stay Hungry”..there is always something new and interesting for us in this wonderfull life we had given.

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