Benefits & Overview

Why Join?

  • Making your own Working Hours – Expert/Tutor can either work from home or from any remote workplace and also freelancer permits you to order your own particular hours and also work at times which are most convenient for you.
  • Making it as your own business – Freelance Assignment Help jobs provides with an operational successful freelance business that permits a person to develop an asset which will prove highly lucrative for a person’s career.
  • Control of Work Load in own hands – As a freelancer, person can limit his/her work load. You can take more work when your schedule is lean while turn away work when you have a tight schedule.
  • Autonomy in Working – Freelancers are highly self-sufficient. They can work on their own time slots and work from their own likely place.
  • Challenging work – In few cases, for instance, new law school grads in big firms offered only monotonous jobs so these new graduates find more challenging tasks form this work.
  • Freedom to choose work – You can select the work which you wish to do, especially if you have an overload of work.
  • Income management – You can manage your income by own and income becomes a direct consequence of your own hard work and efforts
  • Full credit – As a freelancer, you can get full credit on your assignments or work.

What is the cost?

It cost only Rp 500.000 for the certification.

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